Was Shakespeare A Fraud?

In 1911, Orville Ward Owen uncovered a shocking secret. William Shakespeare was a fraud. When Owen was reading “Arcadia” by Philip Sidneys he noticed a complex hidden code within the text. One the text was decoded, the message lead to a shocking discovery. The text has carried a message claiming that Sir Francis Bacon was the real author behind all of Shakespeare’s work. Owen build a cipher wheel using 10,000 feet of cloth. The contraption revealed that where was box laying at the bottom of the Wye River, that held proof that Bacon was the real author and genius behind all of Shakespeare’s works. This story was featured in the New York Times, but not for making history. Unfortunately for Owen when he got to the river he found nothing. This is just one of the many stories that have emerged since Shapers death in 1616, which lead to people questioning the authorship of his work. We know a man named William Shakespeare was born in Stratford-Upon-Avon, and worked as an actor in London, this is all we can be sure of. Academic research on the authorship of works on Shakespeare is being undergone by OJ Todd, and William Rubinstein. Todd and Rubinstein claim that the 37 play, 154 sonnets and 5 poems he was credited with were actually someone else. Shakespeare’s plays show great knowledge of the Royal Court, foreign nobility, exotic cultures, as well as aristocratic sports. This knowledge is what makes his authorship questionable, because these are things only the wealthy would have knowledge about and Shakespeare was not born into a family with such wealth. Estimates put Shakespeare’s vocabulary up to 29,000 words, this is considered a huge amount even in this day and age. Shaker has no university education and no there is no known record of his school attendance, how it is possible he revolutionized  the English language? What is even more perplexing is that his works display technical knowledge not know at the time, for example the tragedy Coriolanus references as the human circulatory system; this is was a breakthoguth only the most elite groups would have know about. The man who discovered the human circulatory system was a man named William Harvey, he was Bacon’s best friend. Not to mention that play was first released after Shakespear has died. Tobie Matthew one of Bacon’s closest aids, once wrote that he was known to the world as another name. Contemporary theory records can account for Shakespeare being an actor, never a play writer. Even this death records describe him as a “gent” rather than a play writer. Could critic Delia Bacon have been onto something when she stated that Shakespeare was nothing more than a “stupid, illiterate, third-rate play actor.”? With only 6 surviving signatures on Shakespeare that are barely legible are we even sure Shakespeare has the ability to write one play, let alone 37? It is very likely that Shakespeare attended the local King Edward Grammar School because his father held an official magistrate position. The school gave an unusually theory education which included subjects such as Latin, classical texts, and astronomy. Given this information his amount of knowledge is not that surprising.

Fun Fact:

Shakespeare owned his own theatre, as well as a cast that would perform pays for people.


Denver Intrentional Airport

Denver International is the largest airport in all of the United States of America, in terms of size. Those who have been to the airport believe that bizarre activities are taking place within the walls of the airport. When faced with the pictures and symbols that cover the walls, almost all that step foot in the airport experience a very menacing underlying feeling of terror and discomfort. DIV is a huge airport that replaced the Stapleton Airport in 1995. The Stapleton Airport was located right outside of downtown Denver. There were no known problems with the Stapleton Airport, and no reasons were given as to why the constructing of a new airport was taking place. The DIV was built 25 miles away from Denver. The construct of the airport passed it’s original due date by a year, and once the construction was over and done with the airport ended up being 2 billion dollars over budget. In total the airport cost 4.8 billion dollar to construct.

Why Does Denver International Airport Freak People Out?

THE RUNWAYS: The airport runways form a shape similar to the swastika. Although it is most likely this is just a coincidence it is rather interesting that not only those who constructed the airport didn’t notice this strange occurrence, but neither did those who designed the airport. You would think were are capable of planning that out a little bit better. Image result for denver airport runway conspiracy

UNDERGROUND SPACE: The vast amount of underground tunnels is something that makes many uneasy about this airport. The feeling of uneasiness comes from the lack of knowledge to what the tuners are really being used for. After researching this I was not only confused but I completely understand why so many feel so much discomfort with the idea of all the extra space under the airport. The airport claims it just uses this space to move baggage around the airport. Journalists have attempted to interview baggage handlers at the airport in hopes that they will be able to gain information about the true purpose of the underground tunnels. All baggage handlers generate the same answer and claim that underground tunnel systems are simply used to in move baggage as they were entered. Although, the airport claims that they planned to install a huge automated baggage system under the airport but their plans ended up failing. They never went out of their way to improve, or to fix the problems with the system. The system was extremely expensive, and those who constructed the airport did not want it to go to waste, so they just left it there. It is believed that this space is now used as a secret bunker for the government or CIA. Not to mention there is a tram that travels under all the concourses. The tram has an extremely odd oar to it. Inside the tram cars there are blue and yellow flashing light. When you peer outside the tram window you can catch sight of these odd almost windmill like object on the walls that are constantly spinning.

THE FIVE BURIED BUILDING: When DIA was first build, five building were originally constructed. After the construction of these building they realized something was wrong with it. No information was realized on what was thought to be wrong with all five structures. Some speculate that the spacing wasn’t right. Instead of taking the building down, or using them for alternative proposes, like normal people; they thought, hey, let’s bury this underground. Never in my life I have heard of construction projects failing and then being buried underground. One construction worker who worked on the buildings came forward and talked about how he found this to be very odd, and stated that he has never had to bury faulty building before. Unfortunately it is near impossible to find this worker original testimony. The airport claims these building are just being used for underground storage.

THE DECOR: I am sure if you walk into DIA you will noticed strange and horrid artworks and decor. There are a virtis or murals that decorate the walls, one in particular seems to get more recognition than the other and it is the murrel of the soldier stabbing the dove. On the first floor, on one of the floor, engraved in one of the tiles is a shopping cart with the letter “Ag Au” in the middle. ‘Ag Au” is a well known symbols for silver and gold, but any believe this is actually referring to a deadly strain of hepatitis called Australian Antigen. This strain of hepatitis is considered by many to be a biological warfare weapon. Funny enough the man who discovered Australian Antigen is actually one of the founders of the airport.  

Image result for denver airport art

Image result for denver airport conspiracy


THE BLUE MUSTANG: Outside DIA you can spot the blue mustache better know to the locals as “Bucifure”. This majestic mustang is 35 feet tall, weighs 9000 pounds, and is completely made out of fiberglass. Mant find the presence of this horse chilling due to the fact it has glowing red eyes that can be seen from specific angles. The sculpture of this horse actually died while he was working on the horse. When he was sculpting the horse’s head fell off, and landed on his leg severing an artery. Image result for the blue mustang


THE DEDICATION MARKER: The dedication marker in the airport is a place that is sitting on top of a time capsule. The time capsule plans to be opened up in 2094. Exactly 100 years after the airport was build. No one knows what is in the time capsule. Those who have encountered the time capsule have noted some strange symbols on it that are connected to the freemasonsBy after the weirdest thing about this plaque is that it mentions ‘The New World Airport Commission”. On the market The New World Airport Commission is taking credit for the airport, the freaky thing about this is that The New World Airport Commission doesn’t actually exist.Image result for denver airport dedication marker

Fun Fact:

Denver Intentional Airport is so big, it is actually bigger than the city Manhattan.

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Was Jesus Real?

Reconize that how we create a society directly affects humanity and the capacity of persons to grown in community. – HCDSB Focus On Faith Theme 

Christians have been divided for centuries, simply because the different divisions of society could not agree on the very nature of Jesus himself. It’s been a questions asked since the day Jesus was born, is he a man of blood and flesh, or is he a supernatural God?There The Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ our Savior.have been several major council of Bishops, that have been debating this topic throughout the centries. By the early 5th century, that church had finally came to the agreement that Jesus was both a man and God.  It was believed by the council of Bishops that the four accounts in the New Testament were the true accounts of the life Jesus lived. A question brought up by many is how come those four treatments were chosen to be apart of our bible? Outside these four accounts we can’t actually prove that Jesus was a real person. If Jesus is not a real person, who created the idea and image of Jesus; and more importantly, what was the reason behind it?  In 1999, Dorothy Murdock posed the argument that Jesus never existed. Other Authors such as Peter Gandy, and Timothy Freke, argue that there are ancient Egyptian, Roman, and Greek myths are very similar to the story of Jesus. It was also noted that many other culture have similar myths. It is believed by some that Jesus is just another folk hero. In the 1970’s and 1980’s this theory was brought to peoples attetion by professor George Wells. Wells discovered that the New Testament Gospels were written decades after Jesus Christ had died. As far was we can prove Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John (the four men who wrote the New Testmate) did not know Jesus. Christopher Hitchens brought to people’s attention that there is no Roman records of the crucifixion of Jesus.Image result for mary and joseph on donkey It was also mentioned by Hitchens that Mary and Joseph’s journey to Bethlehem never happened. Alone the bible can not prove the Jesus ever existed, this is because the bible is theological text. The accounts in the bible must be supported by other historical sources., in order for it to be classifed as true. Bruno Bauer, who was a philosopher in the 1840’s stated that no historical records match up with the stories in the bible. Bauer came to the conclusion that Jesus never did actually exist. The only facts that Modern Historians can agree on are that Jesus was Baptised by John the Baptist, and that Jesus was Crucified by Pontius Pilate. Other than those two facts scholar off all creeds can not prove anything else. It is believed that there was real man named Jesus 2000 years ago who preached wise and radical words in Jerusalem, but everything else about him was just fabricated either by mistake or deliberately created a new religion. A number of other gospels have been known and documented as existing, these gospels are known as the Gnostic Gospels, the early Catholic church rejected these Gospels. It is believed these texted were rejected by the Church due to the fact they portray a Jesus who was more human. Jesus was not portrayed was divine, but wise. We have only had the ability to discover these old gospels, thanks to old scroll that were found hidden away in desert caves. Unfortunately they were found horrible decade, which allowed minimal studies to be done on the scroll. Those who did not follow the teaching of the early church, but the Gnostic Gospels instead were referred to as “Heretics”. In the early 4th century when Emperor Constantine  of Riam converted to Christianity, these heretics went against the Roman authority as well. According to Dorothy Murdock, these alternative bible were destroyed systematically in the 4th upon the requisition of Emperor Constantin.Image result for emperor constantine In 325 AD Constantine convinced the First Council of  Nicaea. The First Council of Nicaea is where the Church finally decided that Jesus was both man and God at the same time, thus making Jesus a part of the Holy Trinity. Murdock theors on this is that Constantine was actually trying to create a new standardised faith system using the council of Nicaea. This new system would teach Christians that other religions and denominations were dysfunctional, this was his way to try to join the Roman empire with the Christian Empire. It is believed that this was Constituents intention because Jesus was a pacifying figure, who taught his followers to forgive, turn the other cheek, and pay taxes to Caesar. By destroying  the old Religions and the many Pagan Deities that came along with them, and replacing them with one almighty God it was Constituents way of implementing a new from control, not only over the poor, but the word. Sense this time Christianity became the controlling forces of word rules. In medieval time the Pope held more power over a kingdom than any King ever did. Even modern governments that are seemingly have no religious influence base their laws on older Christina law systems. Christianity has determined the course of History.

Fun Fact #1:

Within the first 100 years of Christianity most Christians believed Jesus was actually the son of God.

Fun Fact #2:

The only facts that Modern Historians can agree that prove Jesus  actully existed are that Jesus was baptised by John the Baptist, and that Jesus was Crucified by Pontius Pilate. Other than those two facts scholar off all creeds can not prove anything else. It is believed that there was real man named Jesus 2000 years ago who preached wise and radical words in Jerusalem, but everything else about him was just fabricated either by mistake or deliberately created a new religion.

Moon Landing Hoax

“The one is dumb is curious. The people who don’t ask question remain clues throughout their lives” – Neil Degresse Tyson

Allegedly in 1969 good old America landed on the moon, or did they? Many conspiracy theorists believe the moon landing to be one big hoax filmed on a movie set, here is why.

Why Do People Believe The Moon Landing Was A Hoax?

THE LIGHTING: There is only one light source available in our universe, better know as the sun. According to basic lighting knowledge if there is only one source of light, all shadows should be cast in the same direction. Seems logical enough, unfortunate for NASA, pictures of the moon landing make it clear that multiple light sources were used to produce this picture. When NASA was called out on this little blemish they attempted to blame to the uneven landscape for the presence odd shadows, they calmed that moon’s surface has subtle bumps and hills which is what lead to this minion discrepancies.

Screen Shot 2014-12-06 at 8.36.45 PM


THE AMERICAN FLAG: When the moon landing was first televised, those who were tuned in vividly recall seeing the American flag waving as it was planted. In case you are wondering what the problem is here is, I’ll let you know. There is no air in the moon’s atmosphere, no air means there is no wind being produced, no wind means the flag has no way of blowing in the wind. NASA claimed that they stored the flag in a thin tube and the rippled effect is caused by it being unrolled before being places on the moon. Screen Shot 2014-12-06 at 8.33.40 PM


LACK OF IMPACT: If NASA was to land on the moon, underneath the lunar modal there where would be a crater, or landing mark. If you look at the photographs or watching a video footage from the “landing”, you can clearly see that there was no disturbance in the dust on the moon. It seems as if the lunar modal was just placed there. On the moon, the surface is covered by a fine layer of dust, which seems so make appearance in the pictures and videos. If the dust is present, why does it look untouched? NASA explanation for this is that the lunar module requires a significantly less thrust in the low-gravity conditions than it would have on Earth. Screen Shot 2014-12-06 at 8.36.25 PM


THE VAN ALLEN RADIATION: The Van Allen radiation belt is held in place by the Earths magnetic field, this keeps it in one place. This belt is something that the astronauts have to pass through in order to reach the moon. The first time it was ever temped to pass humans through this belt is during the Apollo missions to the moon. Conspiracy theories claim that the high levels of radiation would have cooked the astronaut on their way through the belt. The lunar modal had layers of aluminium coating on the inside and the outside which was believed to help, but many think otherwise. According to NASA says the short time it took the astronauts to travel through the belt only exposed them to very small doses of radiation, how convenient.

UNEXPLAINED OBJECTS: Theorist were quick to notice an odd object in the reflections of the astronauts helmets when the pictures where first realised. This unknowns object that can seen, looks as if it is hanging from a rope, and seems to have no reason for being there. Many believe that this mystery object is actually an overhead spotlight, and guess where you can find yourself one of these bad boys; that’s right, a film studio. Unfortunate the poor quality of the photo makes this theory questionable, leaving the object unexplained. Screen Shot 2014-12-06 at 8.37.26 PM


SLOW MOTION WALKING: Conspiracy theorists believe that the low gravity conditions on the moon were mimicked by NASA. Theorists advise that you speed up the moon landing footage by X2.5, and when you do it seems as though the astronauts are moving in Earths gravity. It is suggested that hidden wires and cables are what assisted the astronauts with that their impressive jumps in the footage. Screen Shot 2014-12-06 at 8.37.49 PM


LACK OF STARS: One convincing argument in favour of this historical event being a hoax is the lack of stars in the photos and videos. Stars are pretty visible from the moon due to the lack of clouds. NASA would have found it near impossible to map out the exact locations of every single star in the sky so they thought it would be easier to just leave them out,  but of course NASA’s excuse (because they got an excuse for everything) was that the quality of the photo washed out the stars. There are high quality photographs of the moon lading and even they show no starts, which so interesting because you can take a low quality picture from Earth and still see stars. Nice try NASA.

THE “C” ROCK: In one of the moon landing photographs you can see a rock on the ground with the letter “c” written or carved into it. The “c” seems to be perfectly etched into the rock, as if someones wrote it. The letter looks perfectly symmetrical, perfection is not a natural occurrence that happens often. It is believed that the rock is prop marked “c” by the film crew, it is possible a set designer moved the rock the wrong way accidentally exposing the marking to the camera (you can  guess who got fried not too along after that). But hey, lets hear what NASA has to say about this because their excuses for this one kinda sucks, they blame a photographic developer for adding the letter into the picture as joke but they also claim it may have been a stay hair which got tangled up somewhere in the developing process.Screen Shot 2014-12-06 at 8.38.27 PM

THE BACK DROP: There are two photos from the Apollo 15 mission what were allegedly taken miles apart by NASA but have almost identical backgrounds. To explain this in the simplest way possible, the mountains you can see in the picture are the same mountains and NASA just change the environment in front of them. NASA’s response was that the moon was smaller than the Earth and that the horizons  can appear closer to the human eye. That’s nice NASA but that doesn’t explain why the backgrounds are identical.  Screen Shot 2014-12-06 at 8.39.07 PM



NASA has an answer for everything… We know the truth



All pictures courtesy of  YourNewsWire.com 

5 Conspicary Theories That Ended Up Being True

1. PROHIBITION POISONING: Prohibition was a period in Canadian and American history when the governments placed a complete ban on alcohol. As the United states ban alcohol, there seemed to be an increase in alcohol related deaths. Americans become suspicious of this, and stated to believed that the alcohol was being tampered with. Turns out, this was actually the case. The American government was purposely poisoning alcohol. The government’s goal was to deter Americans for consuming alcohol not only illegal, but all together. This poisoning of alcohol  resulted in 700 deaths all across the United States.

2. THE ILLUMINATI IS REAL :The Illuminati is not a fictional society as many believe it to be. The Illuminati actually existed and may still exist today. The Illuminati was a secret organisation founded in on May 1, 1776, in Ingolstadt Germany by a man named Adam Weishaupt. Weishaupt was a 28-year-old professor of religious law at the University of Ingolstadt. The Illuminati movement consisted of Freethinkers, Secularists, Liberals, Republicans, and Pro Feminist. Members were recruited in the Masonic Lodges of Germany. The goal was to impose state power, superstition and religious influence. Government agents infiltrated the order in 1785, allegedly action to break to stop the Illuminati was put forward in fear of them succeeding in overthrowing the state religion as well as the monarchy. Fast forward to the 18th century, and it was believed that the Illuminati was still operating. The Illuminati was blamed for the French Revolution, they were accused of being revolutionists who were attempting to secretly arrange a world revolution to spread the ideals of the Enlightenment. The ideas of the Enlightenment include anti-patriarch and anti-monarch. Sense then people have claimed that the government never fully succeeded in breaking down the Illuminati and that they are still operating to this day.

3. OPERATION NORTHWOODS: Operation Northwoods was a proposal by the United States government to carry out attacks on its own civilians. The motive was to blame these attacks on the Cuban government in order to justify a war with communist Cuba. The Joint Chiefs of Staff organised this attack. Thankfully the plan to carry false terrorist attacks never actually followed through.

4. PROJECT MK-ULTRA: People believed that the CIA was running secret programs for mind control experiments. For the longest time this theory was dismissed as an insane theory conjured up by paranoiacs, that was up until 1995. In 1995 president Bill Clinton issued an apology on behalf of the United States government. He went on to state that this theory was not just fabricated by the unstable minds of paranoiacs, but that their theories were true. The experiment where even giving an official name, MK-Ultra. The truth was that the United States government was experimenting on American, as well as Canadian citizen from 1950 until 1973. Methods of experimentation used where drugs, electronics, hypnosis, verbal and sexual abuse, as well as torture. Subjects that had been exposed to these conditions had not agree to be subject to experimentation. Over 80 kinds of institutions where involved and they held over 100 experiments, these institutions include hospitals, prisons, pharmaceutical companies, and even universities. Richard Helms, CIA Director destroyed most of the documents, this left a lot of what was happening a mystery. Thankfully a lot of important information on this sick experimentation was brought to the surface in 1977 due to the passing of the Freedom of Information Act. No one related to this crime has been tried for their horrific actions, this just goes to show the kind of power these individuals and organisations can hold.

5. THE HOLOCAUST: In the 1930’s Hitler’s opinions towards the Jewish was largely dismissed by the world leaders as it was believed just to be a rumour. Under Hitler’s rule Germany was initially welcomed into international events and they even held the Olympics in 1936, where most countries attended. Germans themselves were not aware of Hitler’s plans for the Jews until it was too late. Even in the late 1930’s and early 1940’s people had absolutely no idea what was going on. No one was quicker to deny the existence of concentration camps than the Nazi’s themselves. Some Jews that were taken from Germany into Poland, did so willingly as they thought they were in for a better life. Other have heard of the horrors, and tempted to flee the country without being captured. It didn’t take long for this to travel all around the world. The true extend of the horrors that took place in concentration camps were not fully understood until after the war when they were deserved.

Fun Fact:

In the year 1940 Nazi Germany was placed under an embargo by the Coca Cola company. At this point pop was still in high demand, so the head of Coca Cola Germany, Max Keith decided to created a new pop for the German people. This pop is known today as Fanta.